What Do We Do?

Our team consists of dynamic, young, and upcoming professionals as well as seasoned experts with a proven track record in all

spheres of government and business specific to the property market, supply chain management, municipal billing, policy and

by-laws, and project and contracts management. Our team has 50 years collective experience in sectors and functions related

services, we have built a wealth of knowledge to the benefit of our clients, and we remain at the forefront of Government and

Private Sector’s and specifically the Valuation Profession’s evolution to meet our clients’ expectations by delivering a superior


Adv. Klopper has been active in the government and private sectors in markets all over the country. With our vast resources

and network, we provide services nationally. PRIME is an exempted micro enterprise as defined in the Preferential Procurement Regulations 2017 and has a B-BBEE level 2

rating. We are also registered on National Treasury’s Central Supplier Database.

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PRIME specialises in Property Valuation Services, Government Advisory Services, and Private Sector Advisory Services. We have a diverse set of skills and experience and are driven by client satisfaction.


Freehold, sectional title units, sectional title developments,

housing estates

Sectional title, freestanding, office parks, business parks

Warehouses, workshops, factories, industrial parks.

Stand alone retail, convenience centres, neighbourhood centres, community centres, regional centres.

Boutique hotels, hotels, bed & breakfasts, lodges, conference centres.

We have experience in the valuations of all types of properties including highly specialized properties e.g. harbours, abattoirs, airports, quarries, mines, public service infrastructure, public service properties etc.


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